Hyundai Digital Key

Today we can do almost anything from our smartphones, such as a reply to an email or send videos of the kids to their grandparents. And now, with new technology, we can even unlock our car doors and drive using only our smartphones. Get ready to be impressed by the Hyundai Digital Key, and don’t ever worry about not having your keys with you again.

What Is Hyundai Digital Key?

The Hyundai Digital Key uses sensors in the door handles, along with NFC technology, to recognize your NFC-enabled smartphone. This recognition allows you to operate your vehicle as usual, without the actual key or fob. You can also activate your car alarm or start your vehicle using your smartphone. The Hyundai Digital Key also allows you to share your key by providing another driver with access to your vehicle. Up to four users can be added to the Hyundai Digital Key, each with their own unique profile.

When setting up your driver profile, you can preset your seat, mirror, and audio settings. That means that four drivers can enter the vehicle comfortably and drive away without a single key on them.

How Does the Hyundai Digital Key Work?

First, you need to have a compatible Android smartphone. At this time, only Android phones work with the Hyundai Digital Key. Your device must also support Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth to utilize the Digital Key. If your Android smartphone only allows support for one of these technologies, your features will be limited. The next step is to create a MyHyundai account. You can then connect your vehicle to your phone using your Hyundai’s vehicle identification number (VIN).

Once you have confirmed that your Android smartphone is compatible and have created a MyHyundai account, simply follow the prompts on the Hyundai Digital Key app. You will use the same four-digit PIN code on your Digital Key as you do on your MyHyundai account to keep things streamlined.

Pairing Your Hyundai Digital Key to Your Phone

You should only have to pair your Hyundai to your Digital Key app once, as long as you keep the same phone. If you upgrade your Android, simply return to the pairing steps for your new device.

  • Sit in your Hyundai and open the Digital Key app.
  • Start your Hyundai.
  • Touch the “+” button on the Digital Key app to put your phone into pairing mode.
  • Put your Android on the wireless charger, and pairing will automatically start.

Once your Hyundai is paired to your phone, it will prompt you to register your phone as that vehicle’s primary key.

If your Hyundai has a navigation system, you’ll want to follow these steps to pair your Android phone to your vehicle:

  • Select “Setup” on your touch screen.
  • Then “Vehicle.”
  • Then “Digital Key.”
  • Then “Smartphone Key.”
  • Then “Select.”
  • And finally, “Save.”

If your Hyundai is without a navigation system, you will start by touching Digital Key and follow the remaining steps in the same order.

Pairing an NFC Key Card

Hyundai recommends that you also carry your NFC Card to work as a backup key should your phone die or malfunction. The NFC Card works similarly to a hotel key card and can easily be stashed away in your purse or wallet. Your NFC Card will work just like your Digital Key but must be paired with your Hyundai first. To pair your NFC Key Card:

  • Slide in behind the wheel of your Hyundai.
  • Start your vehicle.
  • Have the primary Android smartphone that has the Hyundai Digital Key app installed with you inside the vehicle.
  • Open the app and select Pair NFC Key Card from the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) menu on the side.
  • Put your NFC Key Card on your wireless phone charger, and pairing will begin automatically.

You will need to complete the process via your touch screen. For Hyundais with navigation, the steps are as follows:

  • First select “Setup.”
  • Then “Vehicle.”
  • Then “Digital Key.”
  • Then “NFC Key Card.”
  • And then “Save.”

If you don’t have navigation, you can start at the Digital Key step and proceed through the order listed from there.

How Do You Share Your Hyundai Digital Key?

You can share your Hyundai Digital Key with up to three other people, just like handing over an extra key. Anyone you share the key with also needs to have an Android-compatible smartphone. To share, start under the “My Vehicle” section of your MyHyundai account, and then look for the Digital Key heading. Under the Digital Key heading, you’ll find an area for adding Shared Key holders. Once in the Shared Key section, the steps to share your Hyundai Digital Key are:

  • Select “Create Key.”
  • Add your family member or friend’s first and last name.
  • Add their email.
  • Add the phone number to their Android smartphone.
  • Select whether or not to notify them via text message or email that you have shared your Hyundai Digital Key.

When setting up a Shared Keyholder, you can customize the settings to include the times they are allowed to operate your vehicle, an expiration date, and whether they have full access to your Hyundai or are simply permitted to drive it. You can revoke the Shared Key at any time from your MyHyundai account.

How Do You Use Your Hyundai Digital Key?

To enter your Hyundai, simply hold your phone near the driver’s side door handle for one second. The Digital Key app doesn’t need to be open, and the phone doesn’t have to touch the door handle; just be within close proximity. You will hear your driver’s side door unlock and other doors if you have programmed them to open upon entry.

To start your Hyundai, place your Android smartphone on the wireless charging pad, put your foot on the brake, and press the start button. Once you’ve started the car, you can remove your phone from the charging pad to use it if you’re not driving, or it can be locked, turned off, or used for Android Auto.

If you’d like to learn more about the Hyundai Digital Key, including what vehicles have this technology available, reach out to the knowledgeable team at Allen Turner Hyundai. We’d be happy to answer any questions, give you a tour of our showroom, or get you set up for a test drive in one of our Hyundai vehicles. Give us a call at 850-905-5313 or drop us a line via our secure online contact us form to get started today.