Hyundai Oil Change Service in Pensacola, FL

Every car owner wants their vehicle to perform its best for many years, and regular maintenance is the key to making that happen. Routine service appointments keep your vehicle running efficiently, which helps you avoid costly repairs. A routine oil change is one of the most important — and easiest — maintenance tasks you can schedule. Without clean oil, your car’s engine won’t stay lubricated and cannot run smoothly. We’ll explain the significance of oil changes and why you should have them done at a dealership.

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What Does an Oil Change Do?

Oil is one of the most critical fluids in your car. Whenever your vehicle’s engine runs, oil flows through it to clean and lubricate all the components and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. The oil picks up the sludge and deposits that build up on these components. This allows the motor to run cleaner and more efficiently by minimizing buildup that causes engine parts to work harder, which can eventually result in overheating. Oil also helps control the engine’s emissions, efficiency, and gas mileage.

Over time, however, oil deteriorates, and its protective qualities diminish. When you notice your motor oil levels are getting low, your oil contains dirt or particles, or your vehicle isn’t performing as it should, it’s time for an oil change to keep the engine functioning properly.

Why Are Regular Oil Changes Important?

Regular oil changes are essential for engine performance and fuel efficiency. If you don’t change your car’s oil routinely, debris and particles can build up in the engine and cause it to wear prematurely. In severe cases, the engine can become so damaged it needs replacing, which is far more expensive than regular oil changes. While your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you how often you should change the oil and what type to use, here are general frequency guidelines by oil type:

  • Synthetic oil: Every six months or 6,000 miles.
  • Semi-synthetic oil: Every five months or 5,000 miles.
  • Conventional oil: Every three months or 3,000 miles.

Consider increasing the frequency of oil changes if you experience driving conditions such as:

  • Dusty conditions.
  • Rough or muddy roads.
  • Mountainous areas.
  • Prolonged extreme humidity.
  • Prolonged extreme cold.
  • Road salt, sea salt, or other corrosive materials.
  • Frequent short-distance trips.
  • Excessive braking, such as in stop-and-go traffic.
  • Excessive idling.
  • Heavy traffic in temperatures above 90 degrees.

Naturally, the more of these driving conditions you experience, the more depleted your oil can become. For example, in a humid, oceanside city such as Pensacola, Florida, you might need to change your synthetic oil every 4,000 miles instead of 6,000, especially if you’re a daily commuter. Staying on top of oil changes can result in benefits such as:

  • Preventing more expensive engine issues in the future.
  • Extending the engine’s life span.
  • Improving the engine’s performance.
  • Getting better gas mileage.
  • Producing less harmful emissions.

Scheduling regular oil changes can also help you keep up with other preventive maintenance tasks and catch brewing problems before they become major repairs.

Why You Should Have Services Performed at a Dealership

You can have your oil changed by a general car mechanic, an oil change service, or a car dealership. The best option, however, is usually a dealership specializing in the brand of car you drive. Here are five reasons to have oil changes or any vehicle services performed at a dealership such as Allen Turner Hyundai:

Trained Staff

Dealerships employ factory-trained technicians who’ve received extensive training in a particular vehicle brand. Therefore, they have a deep understanding of your specific make and model. They know how to spot red flags and how to keep your vehicle running in peak condition. And if they do suspect an issue, the dealership has the diagnostic equipment and software to quickly pinpoint and resolve the problem.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

When your car is serviced at a dealership, you can rest assured it will receive genuine OEM parts. These are the same parts — from oil filters to spark plugs, brake pads, and more — your car came with when it left the manufacturer. Because they’re designed specifically for your vehicle, OEM parts are generally longer lasting and more dependable than aftermarket parts.

Multipoint Inspection

With every oil change, our technicians at Allen Turner Hyundai perform a free, comprehensive multipoint inspection. They’ll assess all the major components of your vehicle and provide you with a report of their findings. A Hyundai multipoint inspection includes an evaluation of the:

  • Engine and its components, battery, filters, and drive belt.
  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system.
  • Suspension system.
  • Tires and wheels.
  • Fluid levels.
  • Lights, windshield glass, and wipers.

If anything else on your vehicle needs servicing or repairs, you can be confident our staff will pick up on it right away.


Your vehicle and its components might be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. When you get the oil changed at a dealership, the staff there can determine if your warranty is still valid and which parts and service costs it covers. You don’t want to miss out on warranty perks, such as free preventive maintenance and replacement of defective parts. Plus, some warranties become void if you have your car serviced by a third party.


Because of their large staff, extensive inventory of parts, and efficient workflow, dealerships can often complete oil changes and regular services much faster than independent mechanics. You’ll have more time to run errands and get on with your day. Plus, many dealerships offer amenities such as lounges and loaner cars. Here at Allen Turner Hyundai, you can enjoy a comfortable waiting area, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary snacks and beverages while you wait. Feel free to browse the showroom floor, take one of our newest models for a test drive, or browse one of the most extensive inventories of used cars in Pensacola.

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