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Shop Hyundai Used Cars & SUVs in Pensacola, FL

If you’re considering purchasing a different vehicle, buying a used car can be a dream scenario for various reasons. You may have had your eye on a car that was over your budget to purchase off the factory floor, but now that it’s on the used car market, you can afford it. You may find a vehicle with features you want that are no longer available on newer models and are less expensive. Or you may want to search through a wide variety of car types to see what options are available before you decide what to purchase.

At Allen Turner Hyundai in Crestview, Florida, we want to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Thanks to our extensive vehicle inventory, accessible financing, and competitive pricing, you’ll feel comfortable selecting from one of our lots. Read below to learn more about the benefits of buying a used vehicle or contact our sales team for assistance.

Why Buy a Used Vehicle in Pensacola?

Looking for a used car gives you the opportunity to explore many vehicle options. You might be seeking a car for the family and know you want an SUV, but you’re open to seeing what’s available. Being flexible gives you plenty of options to consider when you’re deciding which used car to buy.

Another major benefit is getting additional features at a lower price than they would cost on a new car. Some vehicle features, such as roof racks, sunroofs, and paint options, don’t impact the price as much when you buy a used car.

Older Vehicles Can Prove Their Reliability

When considering which vehicle to buy, you can learn the history of various models. When new models debut, information about their flaws or potential issues may not be readily available. But as time goes by and motorists spend time behind the wheel, they can see which cars are durable and easy to drive.

Word-of-mouth reviews from other vehicle owners can help drive the market for certain models. Having this information available when considering a used car can help you feel more confident about your purchase compared to buying a brand-new model that hasn’t received feedback. If your friends and family have been singing the praises of a specific model, getting an opportunity to buy that car a few years later at a lower price is more appealing than rolling the dice with a new vehicle.

Data Changes the Game

Once you’ve found a used vehicle you’re interested in, we’ll provide you with a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report you can review to learn about its history, including who’s owned it, title and registration information, and additional details about the vehicle. The details in this report can help you learn if the vehicle has been in an accident or if there is any suspicious history related to the vehicle’s title.

At Allen Turner Hyundai, we keep this information readily available to help our customers find the car of their dreams. Knowing the history of a vehicle is helpful, but you can also trust our team here at Allen Turner Hyundai to thoroughly check each vehicle before we place it on the lot.

More Money in Your Pocket

Buying a used vehicle can save you money for several reasons. For one thing, car insurance for a used car will generally have a lower premium than for a new vehicle. Also, if you need to take out a loan, the lower cost of a used car can enable you to pay the loan back more quickly than you would be able to if you bought a new car. The lower sales price of a used vehicle can also save you money on interest payments, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

A Used Car Investment Loses Less of Its Value

During the lifespan of a car, its value declines as it ages. While buying a used car won’t prevent it from depreciating, it won’t be as significant as a new vehicle. Cars lose the most value in the first year, but the depreciation declines after about five years. So, while you’ll still see some impact from depreciation on your purchase of a used car, you won’t see the drastic decline you would if you bought a new vehicle.

Our Certified Program Provides Peace of Mind

There’s always a little anxiety that comes with buying a used vehicle. You have no way of knowing how the previous owner treated it. However, our certified pre-owned program can help ease your worries. At Allen Turner Hyundai, we scrutinize the vehicles we include in this program to ensure they are safe for the next owners. Before we approve a vehicle as a certified pre-owned Hyundai, each car must have a clean title, be less than six years old, and have less than 80,000 miles on its odometer.

Because these vehicles are almost new, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time in our service center. We put each vehicle on our lot through an extensive 173-point mechanical, appearance, and safety inspection that checks everything from the tires to the bottom of the car. In addition to thoroughly checking out all the vehicles we include in our inventory, we also offer several warranties for certified pre-owned vehicles, including a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty.

Find the Right Financing in Pensacola, FL

After years of selling used cars to many consistently satisfied customers, here at Allen Turner Hyundai, we believe we can find the right vehicle for you. Because of our high standards for finding the best pre-owned cars, we always have top-of-the-line inventory available.

You might feel intimidated about buying a car because of anxieties about your credit score. At Allen Turner Hyundai of Northwest Florida, our goal is to make things easier for our customers. Our finance center will make the process of securing financing a friendly, worry-free process. Even with a poor credit score, we can help you find a deal to send you home in a new car today.

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