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Routine repairs and maintenance are important aspects of owning and maintaining your vehicle. As your first choice for all car-related needs, we’re here to offer first-rate service in every aspect of car ownership, including maintenance and car repairs. If you’re looking to have maintenance done to your vehicle, need a replacement part, or are looking for new accessories, consider appointing our parts department to meet your needs. All of our parts are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and we offer them at fair prices.

OEM vs. aftermarket

When you purchase a replacement part for your vehicle, you can choose from an aftermarket part or an OEM part. You can usually find aftermarket parts online or by going to a local auto shop to have your part replaced. Although they’re new when placed in your vehicle, the manufacturer that produced them didn’t make them specifically for your car, so they may not work as well in your vehicle.

You can also get an OEM part directly from our dealership, and they’re made specifically for your car so that it performs at its best for years to come. Below are a few other differences between OEM and aftermarket parts:

OEM parts

OEM parts come directly from the manufacturer, so they’re designed especially for a specific make and model of vehicle. They’re easy to choose from because the manufactured version normally comes in one type, which is the version made for your car. Engineers designed OEM parts to work exactly like the original counterpart, and most come with a warranty. Although they can be more expensive than aftermarket parts, there is a much higher likelihood that a car with an OEM replacement will last longer than one that was replaced with an aftermarket part.

Aftermarket parts

You can also use aftermarket parts in vehicle repairs, but they’re not made by your car’s manufacturer. Although they’re typically less expensive than OEM parts, they don’t come with a warranty, so if there are any issues with the part a month after a technician has replaced it, there is no assurance that the auto shop will fix it for free. In addition, you have no guarantee of the quality of the part itself.

Benefits of choosing OEM parts from Allen Turner Hyundai for your vehicle

When you choose our parts department to help you with repairs, maintenance, or new vehicle accessories, you can expect the following:


When you’re considering replacing a part of your vehicle, you want to know that the replacement will be just as good or better than it was before. Choosing an aftermarket part doesn’t guarantee that you’re getting the highest quality part, but buying an OEM replacement from us means you can have peace of mind that your car will perform to the highest standard. We can also assure you it will maintain the durability of your vehicle for years to come.


The engineers at Hyundai work to develop all parts specifically for each model so that each part fits and performs precisely the way they intended. If you’re looking to replace a part in your vehicle, choosing an OEM part from Allen Turner Hyundai ensures that the part you’re replacing will have your car working at maximum performance upon completion. In contrast, although an aftermarket part will function when placed in your car, it’s not made to fit your car the same way an OEM part is, so the part may have a shortened lifespan.


Pensacola drivers that purchase new vehicles with Allen Turner Hyundai receive multi-year new vehicle and powertrain warranties. We offer the same commitment to drivers who choose to have their parts replaced with us. We can guarantee you a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty for OEM parts and accessories that we replace.


Choosing a part with Allen Turner Hyundai is quick and easy. When you’re looking for a specific part, we can tell you the exact one you’re looking for based on some simple background information about your vehicle. Our parts department keeps a large inventory of OEM parts in stock, so we’re prepared to replace what you need and get your car back to you in excellent condition. Aftermarket parts come in various conditions and prices which can be overwhelming when you have multiple options to choose from and are uncertain which is best for your car.


It’s crucial that your vehicle performs at its best, and when you have a part replaced with one of our EOM parts, you can take stock in knowing that your car will perform in peak condition when you drive it off the lot. You don’t always know the quality of an aftermarket part or how long you can expect your car’s performance to last before needing another replacement. The more reliable option is to choose a part you can depend on for the foreseeable future.


Choosing an aftermarket part replacement increases the likelihood of the part deteriorating more quickly than an OEM part. If this happens, you would need a replacement sooner than expected. Although an EOM part costs slightly more upfront, it may be more cost-effective in the long run because they are more durable than their aftermarket counterpart. In addition, having your part replaced at our Pensacola dealership may increase the overall lifespan of some of your vehicle’s internal components because we’re supplying your car with the exact part that was made for it to work most efficiently.

If you’re interested in getting a part from our parts department, you can place your order online, and we’ll call you when it’s ready for pickup. If you’d rather come in and have one of our technicians replace the part for you, please contact our parts department by calling or sending a message to ask questions or set up an appointment. For any questions you have in the meantime, such as when you should bring your Hyundai in for a routine maintenance check, contact our parts department directly or visit us at the dealership.

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