Experience Safe Driving With The 2017 Hyundai Sonata


Pensacola, Brent, and Ferry Pass drivers looking for an attractive and safe vehicle can stop looking. The 2017 Hyundai Sonata offers all the safety features you could want, and then some. See for yourself.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Thanks to technology, you can count on the Sonata to provide the right moves when it comes to safety. With Automatic Emergency Braking, the new model uses sensors to determine if a crash is imminent. If so, it will automatically apply the emergency braking to try to avoid a collision.

Blind Spot Detection

Having an object in your blind spot can cause trouble, but you’ll no longer need to worry with the 2017 Sonata. This model includes Blind Spot Detection, which will give you a visual and audible warning if an object is in your blind spot while driving. IN addition, this model also offers Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which will let you know if an object is approaching your vehicle from the side while you are in reverse. Finally, the Lane Change Assist feature will also warn you if your vehicle starts to drift from its intended lane without signaling.


Having the right visibility keeps you safe when it’s dark outside. Aside from offering attractive headlights, you’ll also experience dynamic bending light. With this technology, your headlights will move with your vehicle so that you always have the best possible visibility when you need it most. In addition, the high beam assist feature will automatically switch to low beams when it senses an oncoming car, so you don’t have to toggle between both.


When parking spots are tight, you can put yourself at risk trying to get in or out. Thankfully the park assist feature can help. These sensors will provide an audible warning any time you get too close to another object, which will help you seamlessly maneuver through parking.

Choose Your Sonata At Allen Turner Hyundai

When Pensacola, Brent, and Ferry Pass drivers want a vehicle that will keep you safe, you pick the 2017 Hyundai Sonata. Allen Turner Chevrolet has a large selection to choose from. Compare the Sonata to the Toyota Camry, or any other model, then visit our dealership at 6000 Pensacola Boulevard to see for yourself, or contact us by phone at 850.479.9667 to get pre-approved.