How to Connect to Your Hyundai Bluetooth

2021 Hyundai Tucson dashboard


Hyundai Bluetooth offers a safe and convenient way to stay connected on the go, but do you know how to connect Bluetooth to your Hyundai Sonata or Santa Fe? It’s simple. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the easy steps to connect your vehicle with your smart device. You’re only minutes away from hands-free calling, streaming, navigation, and more. Let’s take a look at how to utilize your Hyundai Elantra Bluetooth below!

Features of Hyundai Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the most popular features with Mobile, AL and Ft Walton drivers, so what does it have to offer you? Bluetooth allows for hands-free access to your mobile or smart device, which means you can stay focused on the Gulf Breeze roads ahead – without missing out on that important phone call.

Bluetooth supports everything from phone calls to music streaming to voice commands, depending on your device. For additional information, don’t hesitate to ask our service department any questions about your system!

Hyundai Bluetooth Instructions

Learning how to connect Bluetooth to a Hyundai Sonata or Palisade is just a matter of pressing a few buttons. And luckily, whether you’re dealing with Hyundai Elantra Bluetooth or Hyundai Tucson, the technology is the same.

  • Turn on your Hyundai and put it in PARK.
  • Look for the “Bluetooth” option on your display screen and select it. Click on “Add New” to start your new connection.
  • Turn on your phone and go to your settings. Make sure that you’ve turned Bluetooth on and look for the model name of your car in the list.
  • If your phone asks for a passkey, look at your display screen. Enter the code into your phone.
  • Once your phone successfully pairs with your Bluetooth, look at the display screen once again for a confirmation message.
  • When your phone connects to Bluetooth, it will either automatically download your contact list or ask for your permission before doing so.
  • You’re now synchronized with your Hyundai Bluetooth!

Find Out More with Allen Turner Hyundai

Still not sure how to connect Bluetooth to your Hyundai Sonata? Can’t figure out how to sync your Hyundai Elantra Bluetooth? The team at Allen Turner Hyundai is here for you! Contact us with any questions or stop by our Pensacola dealership for more information.

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