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When you want a sharp-looking SUV with plenty of room for the entire family, you can’t go wrong with the upscale, three-row Hyundai PALISADE. The Hyundai brand has high standards that give the forward-thinking company an edge over the competition, and the PALISADE is one of the best SUVs for the money. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a brand-new PALISADE or you already own a Hyundai, maintaining your ride is key to ensuring it continues to run for years to come. Our service experts at Allen Turner Hyundai in Pensacola, Florida, can take care of all your car maintenance needs including tire rotation.

We’ve put together this guide outlining the recommended maintenance schedule for your PALISADE, including a list of the necessary inspections and services and when to make appointments with our expert team.

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Hyundai PALISADE Maintenance at 8,000 Miles

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Your initial service is generally due when your PALISADE nears the 8,000-mile mark. Your vehicle will require an oil change and a new oil filter, and we typically inspect the brake fluid. Hyundai also recommends adding a fuel additive and rotating your tires every 8,000 miles. The cabin air filter, spark plugs, air cleaner filter, automatic transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, and rear differential oil will only require replacement at this mileage under severe usage conditions.

Many of your vehicle’s components require maintenance checks every 8,000 miles to ensure they’re functioning properly, while others can go further between inspections.

At 16,000 Miles

With regular use, you should change your oil and oil filter again at 16,000 miles and replace the cabin air filter. Components of your Hyundai PALISADE we will inspect for the first time at 16,000 miles include the driveshaft and boots and the propeller shaft. You don’t usually need to check these components as frequently as others.

At 24,000 Miles

At 24,000 miles, it’s time to replace the air cleaner filter. This component helps keep dirt and particulates from getting into your engine and the cabin of your PALISADE. We’ll change this for you when you bring your SUV to our Allen Turner Hyundai service center for its regular oil and oil filter change.

At 32,000 Miles

Your PALISADE will require its next inspection, oil change, and cabin air filter replacement when it reaches 32,000 miles. Other components we’ll look at include the vacuum hose, battery, brakes, air-conditioning refrigerant and compressor, exhaust pipe, and muffler. We’ll continue to inspect these parts regularly.

At 40,000 Miles

Our service team will inspect many of the same components on your PALISADE at 40,000 miles as we have every 8,000 miles with several additions. The 40,000-mile inspection includes the transfer case oil, the fuel tank and its components, and the parking brake.

At 48,000 Miles

An initial inspection of your drive belts happens at 48,000 miles. After this, our expert service team will look at the belts every 8,000 miles. This is also the mileage at which we replace your brake fluid for the first time unless there’s a reason to do it sooner or more often. Plus, we’ll conduct our regular thorough inspection of your PALISADE’s key components.

At 56,000 Miles

Nothing unusual happens at your 56,000-mile scheduled maintenance appointment. We’ll simply change your oil and oil filter and inspect the components we systematically look at every 8,000 miles. This scheduled maintenance appointment is typically straightforward, so you can get back to the beach or wherever you need to be around Pensacola in no time.

At 64,000 Miles

We’ll take care of the valve clearance when your engine rolls over the 64,000-mile mark. This maintenance ensures the valves open and close normally, allowing your engine to continue operating optimally.

Between 72,000 and 88,000 Miles

Aside from your normal 8,000-mile maintenance checks, you generally won’t notice any significant servicing needs between 72,000 and 88,000 miles. Of course, you still need to bring your Hyundai PALISADE in to our dealership in Pensacola so we can change the oil and oil filter and ensure all parts are working as they should. At this point, we usually alternate the components we inspect at each scheduled service. Our routine checks will include the propeller shaft, driveshaft and boots, transfer case oil, parking brake, and all parts of the fuel tank.

At 96,000 Miles

As your Hyundai PALISADE rolls over to 96,000 miles, the spark plugs and brake fluid will be due for replacement. This is when we’ll want to change the automatic transmission fluid and the rear differential oil, which we last did at 64,000 miles. Because your vehicle is approaching the 100,000-mile range, we’ll thoroughly examine all components when you bring it in for your 96,000-mile maintenance check.

At 120,000 Miles

You won’t have to replace your engine coolant until your PALISADE has 120,000 miles on its engine. After we replace it initially, you should schedule this service every 24,000 miles. After this milestone, we’ll continue regular 8,000-mile inspections on your SUV’s parts to ensure it runs smoothly.

Get Your Hyundai PALISADE Serviced at Allen Turner Hyundai

We encourage you to keep your Hyundai PALISADE in top shape by bringing it to our Allen Turner Hyundai service department in Pensacola, Florida, where we’ll ensure it gets the attention it needs. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire car service process so you understand exactly what maintaining your vehicle involves. You can give us a call at 850-905-5509 anytime to schedule an appointment. We’re always ready to help you with all your car servicing needs, no matter how big or small.

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