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Planning to upgrade your ride in Mobile, AL? You’ll most likely be looking to sell your current car before committing to a new one. Selling your car on your own can take a lot of time and effort, but selling your car to a dealer allows you to offload your old car and purchase a new car all in one visit.

Can you sell your used car to a dealer without making a purchase? Yes! At Allen Turner Hyundai, we buy used cars to add to our extensive pre-owned inventory — even if you don’t buy one of ours. In this guide from the Allen Turner Hyundai finance center, you’ll learn how selling your car to a dealer like Allen Turner Hyundai works, and how to prepare your car for appraisal and boost its trade-in value.

Can I Sell My Used Car to a Dealer?

Yes, you can sell your used car to a dealer and get as much or more than if you were to sell it on your own. We buy used cars at Allen Turner Hyundai, and you’ll likely find other Ft Walton-area dealers willing to take your old car off your hands, too. When you’re selling your car to a dealer, their primary concern is to make you a better offer than other dealerships while still turning a profit when the vehicle is resold. Dealerships will consider several factors when appraising your car and deciding on an offer:

  • Model and model year
  • Mileage and mechanical condition
  • Interior condition
  • Maintenance history
  • Gulf Breeze driving conditions
  • Whether you used your car frequently for off-roading or towing

If you have followed your Hyundai maintenance schedule and kept the interior clean, then you have a great chance of selling your car to a dealership for a great price!

Selling Your Car to a Dealer: How it Works

Before selling your car to a dealer, there are a few points to keep in mind to ensure a smooth sale:

  • Prepare your car for appraisal: There’s no need to make costly major repairs, but we do recommend making small fixes that will help your car to make a better impression, like replacing the windshield wipers or having the vehicle professionally detailed.
  • Know how much your vehicle is worth: Knowing the value of your vehicle will help you to know when a dealer’s offer is fair. Use our Value Your Trade tool to get an instant estimate.
  • Make sure that your car is a good fit for the dealer’s used inventory: Take a look at the dealership’s pre-owned inventory. You’re more likely to get a higher offer if your car is a good fit.

We Buy Used Cars at Allen Turner Hyundai!

We’d love to add your car to our pre-owned vehicle inventory — and help you to save on your new vehicle purchase! With any questions about selling your car to a dealer, don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to speak with our team of dedicated auto finance experts. We look forward to helping you get a great price on the new Hyundai vehicle you desire most!


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